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News / Articles - 11 months ago

My Plan to Visit Seven New Parks Over Nine Days

As the West Coast based writer for Coaster101, I’ve got a fair number of amusement park “blind spots” on the opposite side of the country. With some time off coming up in August, I’ve decided to correct this problem (at least partly). The plan is f...

News / Articles - 11 months ago

Is SeaWorld San Diego Getting A Skyline “Horizon”?

On Friday the San Diego Tribune reported on a new project coming to SeaWorld San Diego, slated to open in 2019. The article describes a report by the California Coastal Commission, which will review the project next month, that revealed some details...

News / Articles - 11 months ago

Coaster101 Roundtable: Ask Us Anything

A few weeks ago, we posted a contest on social media (inspired by our friends at CPFoodBlog) for a chance to win a 16×20 print of Steel Vengeance. The contest was simply: Ask Us a Question. The print would go to the asker of our favorite question....